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    I'm not one for pitching other companies' products but Earthlink's new online email allows you to set the email addresses from which you'll accept messages. You can enable a few levels of security - I use it at the max.

    All other email is held temporarily should you wish to check it out. Those that have been already classified as spam sit in one junk folder that doesn't count against your email storage... these are usually the mass mailings.

    The 2nd class screened out are received emails not matching your list of acceptable correspondents. These will either be associates that seldom write or those junk mails sent with one recipient at a time.

    The second class of junk email is special in two ways. (1) Each email is automatically replied with a message informing them that they are not on the receipt list and should contact you by other means should their inclusion be appropriate. I like this because it informs some spammers that this email is hereafter unproductive.

    This system works well for me because I have all my non-business emails sent to various free throw-away accounts like

    My yahoo accounts automatically send anything that is not designated as valid traffic to the trash bin. I read the subjects of the trash bin listing and seldom is it anything of value. Those exceptions and otherwise validated traffic are forwarded as attactments to my earthlink email account. As these free throw-away accounts are the only ones accepted by its authentication list, I'm assured that the earthlink account has no spam nor last-minute virus email. This allows me to go online and empty that account of prefiltered email with my questionable version of MicroSoft Outlook. Its able to grab email and get offline assured of no mischief email getting through that might exploit the daily security breaches of MicroSoft programming.


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      Evan,my old man ran mainframes for 32 years,he gave me one excellent piece of advice-do not ever keep anything important on a computer!
      Temp files dump at log off,others e-mail adresses only appear in Outlook,it may not protect me from all the latest vodoo,but it takes care of 99%.
      Plus if I ever catch or run into anyone who would be stupid enough to admit to wrighting a virus,spyware or other "malicious code"I would instantly kill them,slowly though they should suffer

      p.s.I bought and paid for my software all legal like and I never ever got any support from MS,so I geuss I won't miss what I never had
      Can't complain about the people at Dell though,they have always been very helpful,where MS has that special kind of KMA attitude that they are famous for

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      I just need one more tool,just one!