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Radial arm drill

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  • Radial arm drill

    My buddy and Me just saved some old iron from the scrapper's grasp.
    Picked up an identical machine as the one on the clip above.
    I think Ours might be in a little better conditon, but it is hard to tell from the vid for sure.
    We paid $1700.00 for it, the guy loaded it for free and threw in a giant surface grinder to sweeten the deal. I don't have any info on the grinder yet , it is under a tarp and the weather is not cooperating right now but that is allright with Me cause we realy need the water.


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    Pretty cool.. I used one of them for a while at Raccoon mountain power plant.

    You can loosen the head, spin the drill in reverse, touch off and it will center itself on the punch mark or center drill mark.. then dog it down and drill your centered hole..

    I am jealous. Don't have the room, but jealous of your "Serious fabricator drill".

    EDITED: you know of course, that is a perfect application for a center-finder web camera.. with crosshairs.. AND? A surface grinder.. ahh heck..
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      Hi David, I just got this thing leveled and powered up. It runs good and every thing works, but I am not sure how or what the twist grip handle is supposed to do... if I grab it while the drill is running the spindle reverses. Do You remember what it is for?



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        Actually that was about seven or more years back I worked there. As a electrician I just did the basic holes in equipment I was working on. Not fully familiar with machine other than it shot a perfect aligned hole when "set up" for it.

        Memory fails me.. I do remember a tapping control? With a beat up dial..

        Come to think of it, it was pre-9/11 I worked there. Security tightened up there for some reason drastically. It is a mountain-lake repump station with generators for demand. I could not see why it would even be on a terrorist hit list. Perhaps the switchyard is a cross roads?
        I wonder if manuals are still available?
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          Tapping Drilling

          Yes David those Radial Arm Drills are the way to go for drilling and tapping holes. I drilled many thousands of holes with different versions of them. I would have a nice centre punch on my die steels then I useda a small drill 1/4 inch or a bit smaller and would just spot the punch marks. Then 1/2 inch hole or whatever as a web drill size and fimnish with the proper sized drill. Also diid many thouands of counterbores with it also. Later Mike