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  • new for me power hacksaw

    Setting up tent at the Toowoomba swap meet a couple of weeks ago. There are about a 1000 sites at the swap, and so help me at the site right next door was this power hacksaw for sale. Now if that is not a sign from heaven I don't know what is.

    The power hacksaw is unbranded, but I'm guessing it is 60s or 70s and maybe Australian because of the Whitworth bolts. It uses 400mm/16" blades. Its solid and well made, first thing I did when I got it home was give a piece of railway track to chew through, which it did in fine style.

    Best part is the price, AU$110, which at the moment translates to CD$89, US$71 or UKĀ£49, not bad for a working power hacksaw.

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    Nice score. I paid $75 for mine without a motor and it needed some gears and a couple of shafts. I would do it again tho.



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      Power hacksaws are GREAT even if slow. You will grow to love that saw. Keep her oiled and well adjusted and she will outlive you.
      It's only ink and paper


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        Bob, does this look familiar?

        I have the manual if you would like a copy.

        Which way do the teeth on the blade point? Forward or back?




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          Looks like a good heavy duty machine you will be pleased you bought it.


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            Good buy at a good price, Bob. I stumbled across a power hacksaw too and got it for $100 US. I've gone thru a few blades and will have to locate some more of them. The guy that sold it to me gave me all of the blades he had.


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              Miker, that's the one, many thanks.

              140kg eh? No wonder it took 3 of us to get it on the back of the ute.

              The teeth need to face forward on this power hacksaw. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had it that the teeth should face backwards on a power hacksaw, but not so with this one.

              A copy of the manual would be excellent if you can please.


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                Operators Manual scans

                Bob, I just emailed the scans. It is a big attachment

                Let me know if it comes through OK.




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                  Every hack-saw that I ever used had the teeth facing the back and fixed jaw so that the blade and frame were being "pulled" (on the "fore/cut-stroke) instead of "pushed" (lift/back) stroke.

                  The hydraulics should lift the frame on the back-stroke so as to clear the job and not damage the teeth on the blade.

                  I still have and the wife still uses a knife that I made from a power hack-saw HSS blade just over 50 years ago. Keeps a great edge but needs an oil-stone as it can really shag a good kitchen knife "steel" right up!! (She was NOT happy when I did it!!).

                  That was a great find Bob.

                  As the saying goes: Your are better being born lucky than rich (sure applies at our place!!)..


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                    Bob, did the email arive?

                    Bob, how do you know that the teeth should face forward on this saw.

                    oldtiffe's explanation makes sense to me in general, but if you have extra info about this particular machine I would be interested.
                    Does the hydraulic lift work on yours?
                    The manual gives some info on refilling with Jack Oil.

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                      miker, manual arrived, many thanks.

                      At the moment the machine only cuts if the teeth are facing forward. As bought, the blade was facing forward and I'm thinking "that's not right", but I've tried it both ways and forward is what works.

                      However the hydraulics are dodgy, teeth direction may change when the hydraulics are working properly. FWIW, the drawings in the manual seems to show the teeth facing forward, but there is nothing actually written about the proper direction.