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    Jigs don't have to be fancy and complicated especially for short runs of parts.
    it can be as simple as a square clamped to the table as was said, or a couple bolts bottomed out in some T-nuts to make a stops.

    If your 20 parts become 200 then you may want to refine your setup but you probably wouldn't need to...
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      I'm making a wild guess in assuming this is one of the first for-pay jobs you've tackled.

      I know from my own experience with a first job thirty some years ago, you want to make money on this job. It may not happen though. Mine didn't.

      This particular job is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Time-wise you may lose your shirt on it. but, if nothing else, it'll be an eye opener. Consider it tuition.


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        Sort of. I don't usually do production runs. I am however good at estimating the time it takes me to drill holes. I know my weaknesses and my strengths. Set-ups are my weakness. I seem to lose alot of time "finally" getting the corect set-up.

        My main business is doing repairs in factories. I make money on all my machining jobs, well most of them, but if i earn less then what i could have made at a factory repair, then i don't think it was worth it. This being work in my shop, it usually takes away from my family. My wife is awesome, but i don't want to look back and think...I wish i had been there when my daughter(s) did that.

        To get back on the subject, when i work in my shop it is by the hour as most my repairs are rushes and my customer needs their machine running now. If i can afford the time, i do the machining myself and earn the cash. I have the part, i know how it goes in, and can put it back in as soon as i am finish, not waiting on a phone call.

        You have all been awesome, this is a great learning experience. This job is from a metal fab shop that sends me work. They don't even want to cut the metal. Give them the price, they will tack on 20% and if they get it I will do all the work. Great guys, they keep sending me work. About a job a month, and to be honest, that is all i have time for now. So once a month i learn something new about machining.

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