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    I finally got the new shop heating system going last night. Plumber came in and added a gauge the installers had forgoten (pressure main ) also he showed the electrician how to wire up the pump to the thermostat. then when the electrician was about to mount the Thermoastat he (the plumber )said where does the sun come in here in the morning? He then had the electrician move the thermostat to the OTHER wall away from the suns rays. I was actually imprerssed a bit. A guy who seems to know what he was doing, then when he left and had a look at my homeade heater i had built years ago he asked me if id like build him a rack box for his van ? I was happy to finally have a contractor over who knew what he was doing. I guess theres a good one out there once in a whileLOL HEAT Now mi have to INSULATE Minus 17 today Yuch,.

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    Yes, not all installers know what they are doing even if they have been doing it for years. I had heat pumps put in my home and shop. They put the thermostat in the home in the hall by the cold air duct and it turned out to be a good location as that seems to keep the overall temp even.

    When they put the thermostat in the shop they put it on the outside wall by the furnace. BAD CHOICE. Outside wall is colder and affects the thermostat and the entry door next to it caused the thermostat to bounce every time the door closed. That would cause the furnace to go on and off several times and then drop out.

    I moved the thermostat to another spot unaffected by temp and vibration. Works fine now.
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      Thermostat location is the hardest part of heater installation I've found. I helped install three forced air systems for church members (labor-grunt and electrical-wire-runn'n-dood) and deciding where to put the thermo inveatibly triggers a cross-trade argument.

      When I moved in to this apartment the thermo was right next to the entry door. RIGHT NEXT TO. That got moved right away, it's inside the kitchen now, next to the kitchen door. Heating bill is much lower and no one complains about the temperature fluctuation.

      Wife and I cook alot so we're in the kitchen where it is warm then we step out into the slightly cooler living room or go upstairs to the warm upstairs rooms.
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