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  • Clausing help please

    We have found a clausing lathe for some friends. I believe it is an mk2 or 3, 13 x 36. The model is 108. serial is 7388. It seems a good machine except the carriage feed slips. All is ok as far as I can tell except where the star knob pulls the tapered end of the shaft into the worm gear. The shaft will not pull in the gear tight enough to avoid slipping, unless the washer is removed from the end of the shaft at the taper. At this point the shaft needs to be tapped back to release the taper after the knob is turned to be loose, because it has pulled in so tight. It does not slip though. Without a parts break down I am not sure if all the parts are there or if there are extra parts in the wrong place. Is 20 wt. oil ok for the apron. The half nut lever is also hard to operate after good clean and lube. Anyone know if this is normal for this machine? We would be happy for any help, thanks.

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    Call the Clausing Service Center-574 533 0371. They will date it and send approriate manual for about $25. Stuff I've got from them previously had blown apart diagrams, lube, operating, etc.

    I don't have any specific advice, but the half nut lever should not fight you.
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      I have attached some apron parts breakdown sheets for the Clausing Model 111 (12 X 36). Although they are not your model, Clausing lathes have a lot in common. If you want the scans with more resolution, PM me or post here with an email address where I can send them.


      Standard Model Apron:

      Quick Change Apron:

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        Pm sent. Thanks to all. The folks on this board are just great!