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2 axis minilathe DRO question

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  • 2 axis minilathe DRO question

    Hi all

    Has anyone purchased/tried the DIGITAL POSITION READOUT 2 AXIS for HF 7x10 minilathe sold by the Little Machine Shop?

    How well does it work? Anything I should be conserned about it???

    thanks Ken K1UM

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    Do you mean this one:

    Those DROs are only somewhat useful. They are measuring the movement of the screw and not the actual moving part, this being the cross slide and the compound. Really it wont be much better than a dial but what it will do is allow you to accumulate your total travel so you dont have to remember how many turns of the dial you have made.

    And the one for the compound probably be hardly used. Where you really want the second DRO axis reading is on the saddle. Thats where a DRO really shines since almost no one makes a apron with an incremented carriage wheel (Hardinge comes to mind)