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  • Bearings For Live Tailstock Chuck>

    I need to build a 4 jaw live tailstock chuck for doing Pipe Work aka John Stevenson. What type of bearings are required to take the end pressure exerted from theLathe? Also are any of these commercially available? I have a 3 jaw already but try as i may it NEVER Repeats, I think a 4 jaws the way to go, Thanx Mike

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    If you look in a bearing supply catalog you will find many thrust bearing types of which you can choose the one to do the job.
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      tapered roller or angular contact bearings would work for that. You need something that can take a radial and axial load and want to add some preload to reduce runout.

      Here is one with a 3 jaw chuck


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        I bought a rotating tailstock chuck and as such put making my own pipe center on hold....I can just make a tapered plug to go in the tailstock chuck.

        However, back when I was contemplating this project, I decided that the ability to preload the bearings was probably un-necessary as you can do that with the tailstock. I f you wanted, you could certainly spring load the center with a fairly stiff die spring. I have a couple of Swiss made live centers that have color coded rings at the nose. You compress the center using the tailstock barrel until a given colored ring disappears and you have applied a measured amount of force. There is a chart that defines the force. I think I understand that this produces consistency.

        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL


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          Why a chuck at all?

          Just build a fast bullnose that will press onto a center you may already have.

          I can see the chuck of you are doing some wild ecentric or crankshaft.


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            What MT tail stock do you have, I might have an old live center you could gut for the arbor and bearings. Then you would just need to make a chuck mount plate for it.
            Mark Hockett


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              I just used standard off the shelf metric bearings in the one I did, mine is there for support as opposed to stuffing an axially load on, just so I can get a decent diameter to get a steady on and then let me work on the end.

              Once the end is machined I can then drop back onto revolting centres.


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