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    Hey all
    I will soon be getting a Bridgeport clone from a buddy. It has a 3 hp 220/440 3 phase motor on it. I have 220 to a hot tub that is never used. Is there some way to use that circuit to my garage and use that to hook this mill up to? I was thinking, though I do not know that a VFD would work to do that.

    Anyone care to offer some advice?


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    The mill motor will probably be a 3 phase motor and single phase 220v will not work. You will need a phase convertor of some type, either static or rotary. Your other choice is a VFD.

    The cheapest is the rotary phase convertor.
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      I just posted last week about my 3-phase rotary converter, I had a schematic posted that works. this thread:
      Cost me about $70 to build, motor was free and so was the box.



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        I think you need some more info to decide how you want to proceed. You will need something to do the conversion from single to 3 phase. As I'm sure you know, there are several ways to accomplish that, all have advantages and disadvantages, you have to decide what is the best approach for your situation/skills/budget/etc. You may be able to use the feed for your unused hotub, but only if it has sufficient current rating to run a 3HP motor using your chosen phase converter.

        I went the VFD route for my 3 phase machines. Somewhat more money than a home-built rotary converter, but efficient and I love the variable speed.


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          Thanks for your replies, I am thinking I should go with the VFD as I do not have the time or the knowledge to build a phase convertor. I found a Teco FM50 VFD for $185 that I think will work for my situation.

          Thanks again!!


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            The hot tub breaker is likely a sufficient amp rating as they have pump(s) and heaters, the VFD will likely work as long as the rating is acceptable for 3hp and less they don't need detrating or else already have been, should give you unlimited speed control. I'm not familiar with that VFD's specs but others are, you already have compatible voltage so 3 ph conversion is all thats required.
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