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Pratt & Whitney Precision #3 Bench Miller

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  • Pratt & Whitney Precision #3 Bench Miller

    I ended up getting a 2nd machine out of the same estate that my 10EE came out of today, a tiny Pratt & Whitney Precision #3 Bench Miller. I have been looking for a way to make small gears, and this one has a dividing head and tail stock, so hopefully this will work if I can figure out how it works. It also came with the overarm (as tiny as it is), several arbors and collets, several change gears for the universal function, index plates, and several other bits that I have not figured out yet. It looks like it was originally a flat belt drive but someone made a v belt pulley for it. I intend to make a poly-v step pulley rig using a 3ph motor with a vfd.

    I have run a horizontal for maybe 30 minutes in my entire life, so if anyone knows where to find any documentation on this little mill, please let me know.

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    Is this the one?

    All of the gear, no idea...


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      No, it is the basic model 3, not the underdrive version. The British lathes site does have more information on them ( ), but nothing on how to setup the universal feature.


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        What a great find and it looks to be in very good shape.

        It looks like everything the guy had was in good shape.
        I think it's the same guy I got my B&S mill from. ( I think you saw it when you picked up your 10EE)

        Is the second table part of the Pratt & Whitney benck mill?

        I guess you have figured out that you can put a gear on one end of the indexing head and index it with the power cross feed and use it to cut a spiral.

        You might look on the PM forum under the antique section. You might find some info there, if nothing else they would love to see a picture of you new machine.

        There is some info on the yahoo B&S Omniversal site on using a indexing head and I think there is charts showing what gear to use.


        P.S. I just did a quick search on google to see what would come up. One just sold on EBay , but most importanly he said he would make copies of all the info he had on the machine. Find what else he's sell and email him and see if he make you copies.
        ebay #130290615929 I hope this helps.

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          Hal, I actually had to move your omniversal to get the 10EE out - it is a heavy SOB. Very nice machine, did you get it running yet? Let me know if you have all of the parts for the dividing head on it? There were a few extra parts in the box that was labeled 10EE that might go to it.


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            I been cleaning on it and trying to find a space for it in my shop.

            I'm still working on getting my shop wired.

            I'll look thru the parts and see if I can see anything missing.

            I know I'm missing the, upper arm bracket, a center rest,a couple of gear idler arms, differential indexing center and the hand crank to tip the knee.

            Who knows if those parts were ever there.

            I try to look tonight.

            Mickey you must be getting a nice shop put togather by the look of your machine choice.



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              Hal, we found the overarm support yesterday while looking through some of the boxes. I think there may be some other parts too, so email Jimmy and let him know what you are looking for.


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                I gotta tell that makes my day..!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Man, that thing is cute as a button! Nice find!


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                    Hal, the second table in the pic is one that I got to add onto a drill press, but it is so nice I don't know if I am going to do it. We did not get it out into the light until after I bought it, turned out that it was made in Sweden but no other identification. The base looks like it was designed to mount on something, but no clue on my end. I will take some pics later and post them.


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                      man I am envious of you guys and your little mills.


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                        Great find!!


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                          Well Mersey me .If that aren`t the cutest little mill I think I ever seem.
                          Good haul.
                          Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self