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    I'm hoping some of the Village Press folks will see this and respond.

    I've heard a rumor that Rudy Kouhoupt will be travelling cross country to present a seminar at the Men Metal & Machines Expo in California in October.

    Is this true? If so, do you know what he plans to talk about?

    I'm asking because this, among other issues, may help to determine if we will be attending as a vendor.

    Thanks for any information.

    BTW, for those unfamiliar, this is a new show, presented by Cabin Fever Expositions, LLC, in Visalia, CA. Details at

    Scott Logan
    Logan Actuator Co.
    Harvard, Illinois

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    I attended the Iron Fever Expo last weekend. Rudy had a seminar discussing how he machined the engine that is currently in HSM. Very interesting. I also bought his 3rd book and he autographed it.



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      Yes, it's true. Rudy will be with us at the show. He'll have a display table next to ours as he's planning on bringing his steam and stirling engines and engine blueprint sets.

      As for Rudy's seminar topic, I think it's on miniature machining methods. I'll be in touch with him next week and if the topic is different, I'll let you know.



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        Gee, since I only live 2-1/2 hours away I think I'll just have to go to this one.

        Anyone else live around the Modesto, Stockton area?