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Help Identifying XY Table from Sweden

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  • Help Identifying XY Table from Sweden

    When I got my little Pratt & Whitney #3 mill I also got a very nice little XY table that I suspect is part of another machine and not just a standalone. It is very nicely built, all contact surfaces are scraped, and it has a base that looks like it should go on something else. If anyone has any ideas, please speak up.

    The table measures 22.75" x 9.5" and has a 5TPI screws.

    The base measures 200x260mm with a 175mm circular relief in the center.

    It also has adjustable gibs with stop slots.

    Made in Sweden and the number 3865 are stamped on the front. Any ideas on this? Somewhere there is a machine that is looking for it's table and I might have it.

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      Jackpot! Somewhere there is a very sad Arboga drill press...


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        It may also be Strands which is another brand of the same products.

        I have the drill press that it fits on.

        The X-Y table in the picture is the one I scrapped to build the new lathe. It was junk.
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          Some details make me unsure though. I said Arboga because of the fake non-slot in the middle of the table, and because Arboga made and exported more than Strands.

          Someone has assembled it backwards. The handle should be on the right-hand side, and the travel stops thereby at the front, toward the operator. (isn't that them against the floor in pic 3, or is that something you used to prop it up to take pic?)

          It has been repainted i think; they are usually more primer red in the trough.

          The dials don't seem quite right to me; Arboga used chiefly cylindrical dials and double nuts on the ball handles.

          The 175 mm relief is a bit large too.

          Will look closer, we have several more of them at work.



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            Dr. Rob - The troughs are full of primer red, just not much paint left on the rest of it. There are some stops on the backside, and I suspect that someone put it together backwards for a southpaw. The place that it came out of did not have any heavy drill presses besides a powermatic. I was just afraid that it was a part of something else that would be ruined without it - I hate seeing nice machines being split up either through ebay or accidentally.


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              The slightly later model Strands drill presses have a rectangular table with tee slots that are the same as in the photos. Mine is about 1950 or so. They still make essentially the same machine with few changes, at least they did when I checked a few years ago. The Arboga milling machine has about the same head as my drill press with a few minor differences and has a table much the same as the one shown here. It seems that Arboga/Strands mixed and matched components to make various different models so that table might be from several different types of machine. Because of the round recess in the underside I would say it was designed to fit a rotating base of some sort.
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                I revise my previous standpoint. Naw, it just ain't quite right.

                I did look at all of our Arbogas and Strands. Close, but not quite right. No square corners, no stamps or serial numbers, different stops, all cylindrical dials...

                New guess is more like Solberga or Modig or something.

                Tables like this, as well as a variety of other alternatives, were offered by several manufacturers, both as new optional extras with the machines, or seperately to go with other machines. So you needn't neccesarily worry that there is a machine somewhere without a table. (or maybe the table survived, but not the machine)

                This is my Arboga table prior to refurbishing, for comparison.