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Best method to remove powdercoat??

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  • Best method to remove powdercoat??

    I have my portable 2 burner beach BBQ and have come across the OM modular steel frame.
    I have replaced the rusted sections and tweeked the frames so that they function correctly. Now I need to repaint them.
    Problem is, the original powdercoat is suffering from too much exposure to the elements, blistering/flaking, and requires removal.
    What easy backyard solutions exist to solve the problem?
    Sulphuric acid comes to mind, or a slow simmer in caustic solution??

    thanks for any remedies.

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    Do you have an air compressor?...
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      Powdercoat is nasty to remove.

      The big professional powdercoat shops use a burnout oven, usually at least 1500 degrees, and THEN they sandblast.

      thats what it takes to get it back to bare metal, that they can re powdercoat and warranty the finish.

      You can use a torch, even a small butane or propane torch, to burn it, then wire brush or sandblast. Stinks, and is probably unhealthy, but it works.

      Acid will attack the steel, and once you start steel rusting with acid, its hard to get it to stop.

      I used to work a lot with a huge industrial sandblaster in Los Angeles, and they would flat out refuse any job of sandblasting powdercoat- said the customers always freaked when they got a $200 bill for sandblasting a $15 patio chair. It sticks real good. Even when its peeling an inch away.


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        Caswell does sell a chemical powder coating remover. Never tried it so dont know...


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          I went to Home Depot and got some paint stripper. The parts were aluminum though. I dunno if the steel will stop rusting or not. It does the job PDQ though.



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            I like a good job but

            Thanks for the responses!
            I am all out of TSP so I'll try a slow boil-up with caustic first. If it only removes the dodgy powdercoat I will be happy.
            Feather off and a quick scuff, primer and topcoat will suffice.
            Its only a BBQ frame; right??


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              Paint strippers work ok, you will probably need to do it more than once.

              One of the best products I've used is gasket remover spray, from you local auto parts.


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                I also have some Powder Coat to remove. I found this post How To Remove Powder Coating Quickly and Cheaply.

                I found the product at the local auto parts store. I have not tried it yet.


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                  Sounds like aircraft remover. Stuff is nasty strong and will turn nitrile gloves to goo in about 30 seconds. But boy does it work great.