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Modifying QC Tool Holders?

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  • Modifying QC Tool Holders?

    After one of the recent threads on parting tools I went through a box of tools that came from an old shop closing. There were several good HSS parting tools there. One is rather large and I would like to try it. I bought several of the CDCO tool holders recently when they were on sale for $8. Are these machinable? Or could I silver solder a 5/8 or 3/4 block on the side of this tool and hold that in the tool holder?
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    I don't think you'll have much luck machining them. It says in the description it's been heat treated, if that's the case it would be easier to make an insert to hold your tool. I'd make an insert for the largest tool holder you have and just hold it as normal, something like this.



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      Yep, they are hardened and the dovetails ground.

      Got a surface grinder?

      Suppose you could anneal them and go at it.

      Or get one of the holders that Clinton has.

      Or better yet get one of the holders that use the carbide inserts. These things work so much better than the HSS bars. The chip breaker curves the chip in so its narrower than the slot and the chips rarely jam in like with a HSS cut off tool.


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        I ordered in one of the Newcomer parting tools from Enco. I was parting some 7075 T6 disks that were larger in diameter than I could reach with it. The chip formation looks good but this material cuts so smoothe that it is not a very good test. MSC does not list the Kennametal A3SC holder recommended in another thread. I have not had a chance to talk with them on the phone. It sort of appears that there may be a new generation tool coming out.

        I would still like an opinion about silver soldering a block on the side of the large HSS tool that I have. After thinking about this a little more, It may be worth building a Newcomer style block to hold this particular tool.

        I normally do 95% of my parting on the Horizantal band saw. This was a rush job for my wife that was being made from some existing parts.
        Byron Boucher
        Burnet, TX


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          Batch of BXA holders I bought from CDCO about 12 months ago aren't very hard, they machine OK. YMMV


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            "Heat treated" does not necessarily mean "hard". Annealing is a heat treating process too!

            As Bob stated, they aren't very difficult to machine. I have modified the BXA 1 style holders to accept 3/4" tooling on a few occasions using an HSS end mill with no problems.

            Seems in general that "tool steel", "hardened", and "flame hardened ways" are a few terms that must mean something else when translated to Chinese!



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              I have had varying success in machining QC holders, US made and chicom. Some do and some do not.

              There is a wide range in width, thickness and profile of cutoff tools. Since most of mine have been acquired at various times, they do not all fit comercial holders. I make subholders like the one ClintonH shows for the individual ones as once that one is used up, I may never have a need for that particular size again.
              Jim H.


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                Ive also took a couple of my AXA out to 5/8" and actually didnt even think about them maybe being hardened. Ive got both Phase ll and the CDCO, and dont know which I picked up to do it. Machined nicely....
                If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                  I just bought a couple of the cheapo BXA holders from because they are very soft and easily machined, I need to modify them for a gang tool holder I'm making for my mill.

                  The real Aloris ones I have are at least case hardened as a file doesn't do much to them.

                  Paul T.


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                    I have a couple of AXA holders that are cut to accept 3/4" tools, a couple more cut to accept 5/8" tools, I had not problem cutting them. Some are Aloris, one is Dorian and the others are Chinese. I haven't had any problems with flexing or breakage, and the all hold the tool solidly.