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Cheap harley-davidsons from new parts

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  • Cheap harley-davidsons from new parts


    I just got a new 6 speed harley type transmission for 795.

    Two year warranty, overdrive. etc, hard to pass up on. Compare this to the baker for 2600 each, you can have 3..

    Engines for the evo models have gotten cheaper too. Evo v2, in my opinion thou it does not rattle the walls like the previous panheads and shovels is the best motorcycle for the money you can build.

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    Please excuse my ignorance but, what's the point of a 6 speed tranny with a Harley? A big cube engine with bundles of torque should only need a 3 speeder. I base this judgement on an XJR-S Jaguar I was involved in, that was fitted with a 7 litre V12 (650 bhp @5,750, 700ft lbs @ 2,600) it was hooked up to a GM 3 speed auto box. Then it was modified to take the GM 4L80E 4 speed electronic auto - the accel times increased right across the range. Not only was the 4 speeder heavier (about #85 more) but the 0-60 sprint needed 1 shift (1st to 2nd) the good old 3 speeder did it all in 1st.

    Nice looking tranny though! I see it costs the same whether its black, polished, or chromed.



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      I must have missed something! I quit riding years ago, but my last scoot was a stroked (approx 96 cubes)59 pan, tillotson carb w high speed adjustable jet, suicide clutch, jockey shift and blueprinted (otherwise stock) tranny. Went real quick for me? Six speeds would seem to be a bit like rowing a truck with a 13 speed road ranger thru Dallas at rush hour! BTW, I'm down in the SE corner of GA. If I ever get up your way, maybe I could buy you a cold one!

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      John B


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        One cold one, geeze. Show up and we can have a dozen, Having some shots of yagermiester now to relax.

        The six speed really slows them big strokers down and they lope along at 80. (my favorite speed) It is a overdrive, you can just use the first 4 if ya want to. No I don't want a hole in the top of my shoe for shifting.

        I am building two bikes at the moment, one with a Quad4 pontiac engine, fabricating about everything, I wanted one of these 6 speeds for it. The other with a backordered 113 s&S super.

        I sure miss my panhead, I had it 18 years. Lakeshore HD balanced it, I got a ticket excess of 100 in a 45 afterwards. This lil redhead with these torpedo mammaries, yep we had a kid, and the pan is gone. I got a cute 7 year old girl with green eyes thou. (*she don't look like me) I will probably have to shoot her first boyfriends cause I will be too old to fight.

        I got a model 3 bender, bend custom frames. Come up and help me a bit. It is a ratchet bender and I sweat like a W****** in church using it.


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          Ibew, will keep your invite in mind. funny how divorces and panheads seem to have an intrinsic relationship isn't it!
          John B


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            Are you in the Dallas area? I am building my first bike - Daytec Hardtail - Maybe I can bend your ear once in a while for some info.


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              Well, when I am not making scrap from good metal I am here online.

              Made my share of junk from perfectly good parts.

              What you need? You got a good supplier?

              My newest project is a automatic english wheel.
              Built 3 components for it, need to make a few more, desired effect, custom fenders in varying width by computer nc.

              Yeah, I know they don't make them, popping them out of a mold in Mexico is much cheaper, etc.. ($400 Jessie James fenders were made in Mexico) or real good knockoffs.


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                you'll like that 113 motor! I have one, purs like a kitten. I went on a 1200 mile trip with it and I got better mileage with it, then with my stock 80 incher. Traveled an average of 80 mph. an over drive would have been nice. 46 mpg was my average for the trip. I figure with an overdrive it would have been even better. Just make sure you get the best clutch you can if you plan on putting the motor to the test! It is a major torque montser with 120 horsepower!

                There is no subsitute for cubic inches!


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                  thanks for the web site!


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                    thx for teh heads up on the trannies.

                    You are a masochist - Quad 4 indeed! I would rather use a Mopar 2.5 turbo with aftermarket computer/wastgate/water injection - shakes less and can still twist the flexplate off the damn engine (trust me - mangled the crap out of mine)!


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                      Bought this nice chrome +3" springer to go on my bike with the "extra" money. We should build you one too. "Two" major parts on the bike. only small things in between now.

                      Enjoy life, it is but a glimmer in the age of time.

                      I rode to Nashville to meet with the bike shop owner, he was late. I sat there thinking.. " I make +35 a hour in my shop, I make 100+ a hour tattooing, I am sitting here not making a nickel" Ohh well 350 mile road trip for fickle, I bought two tee shirts and left. I am spoiled.

                      We had talked about me working for him. Looking around his shop, pretty women and young kids, no real craftspeople or "grey bikers" Thou he needs me, I am pretty sure he can't afford me anyways.