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  • OT/ LED Mag Lite Replacement Bulbs

    I took a chance at Harbor Fright yesterday and bought an LED bulb for my maglite 5 cell C flashlight. I had been looking at them at other vendors for a year or so, thinking about the cost tradeoff vs the extended battery life. We have a maglite service center here in Tallahassee and they have the LED bulb for $19.95. While looking in CyberGuys catalog a little while back, I noticed a replacement by a different manufacturer, Nite Eyez, for $13.95. When I saw them in HF for $9.95, I thought I might take a chance and what do you know, theirs are the same brand as CyberGuys has.

    These are not quite as bright as the Quartz bulb and tend to have a bluish shade of light, like most LED's do, but seem to work well. Now, to see how long the batteries last. The three AAA batteries that are in my 9 LED tactical light have been in there since 2005 and I use that thing all the time. They still check out 98% on my battery checker. If they are as good in the big flashlight it will be wonderful. I have to buy 2 packages (4 packs) at around $6 each every time I change them out in the old 5 cell. Also, the LED is cast into solid acrylic and is not subject to my clumbsy ass dropping it while handling the dogs at night.
    Jim (KB4IVH)

    Only fools abuse their tools.