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Any1 got Rotex mill manuals?

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  • Any1 got Rotex mill manuals?

    Some friends of my family have an old Rotex vertical milling machine that they have offered to let me borrow. Does anybody know of the manual or have a US source? They are awfully expensive from Great Britain, though Lathes.Co.UK has them.

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    If that's Rotex (as in punching machines) the company should be able to supply a manual.

    I have several old Rotex machines, a 12" press brake and 10 station punch. They sent me manuals for both free of charge.


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      Rotex might be able to supply a manual, but what is the need? They are very simple machines. Try the various functions out before powering the machine up, turning things by hand to see how they work. You will cause no damage and you will find out how things work.

      Most manuals for machines like this offer very little in actual operating instructions, but might have basic installation, lubrication and parts lists.

      You are quite fortunate to have one made available, they are near little machines and very capable.
      Jim H.


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        I seem to recall you posting on the Rotex thread on PM last year. I have a parts list I can email you if you PM me your email address. Rotex is located in San Leandro on the other side of the bay. I thnk someone told me they no longer have any information for the mills.

        Here is my Rotex.



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          The machine I have my eye on is a vertical mill. It uses that exact milling head.

          I do not know if it is the same as Rotex punches.

          Any info is greatly appreciated, right now I have a source for collets and nothing else.;


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            It is the same as the Rotex Punch Company. They are a great little mill.


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              Has anybody seen a picture of the vertical mill other than the one on Any more information would be appreciated.