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  • Ferrules & Sleves Crimp Tool

    I am in need to fix or make new some air & hydraulic lines for the shop. The air hose that blew out is one of the ones that is plastic on the out side & 3/8" ID. I tried the old hose clamp but it still leaked not to mention is a pain in the b___ as it is always in the way. My question is does any one have plans to make a ferrule crimping tool? I really hate to pay the auto part store what they want to crimp them on. Any Help

    of mid Michigan
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    If the pressure is not to high, try Aircraft Spruce & specialty, or Pegasus Racing, they sell tooling for fabbing flex lines. They are to the "AN" standard, so you may have to change the fittings on your equipment,and buy the proper fittings, but once done, it's done. I bet if you saw a picture of the tooling, you could make your own.


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      Do an image search for "hose ferrule crimping tool" without the quotes.

      There are several that look like they would be easy to make. For example:

      But since it's only $12......

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        Air about anything you can dream up will work. Hydraulic gets so much force that the ferrule has to be part of the fitting to keep from sliding off and and crimpers (they're called machines then) run in the thousands $$$.


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          I dont know where you got the price of the one you pictured it is more like $150 with the postage $12.00

          Looks simple to make though.

          I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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            pretty simple if...

            The crimpers are probably not too bad to make but finding out the dimensions of the dies is the tricky part. I'd imagine the fitting suppliers publish this but you have to have it to make the crimp dies....

            But I wonder if the OP should simply beat the bushes for a better price? Crimped fittings are fairly commonplace these days, maybe a hydraulic supplier could help.

            I don't know the details; maybe there is some weird fitting required.

            Also, the Aeroquip type fittings require no crimping, just the correct type of hose. I think this is what Thruthefence was recommending. Only tools required are hose cutters and a pair of wrenches. Plus you can replace just the hose part later if you need to.