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Problem - Brown and Sharp 2L

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  • Problem - Brown and Sharp 2L

    I have the chance to buy a nice B&S 2L 18x6 surface grinder - hydraulic control... water tray option etc.. Spindle runs quiet...

    Problem: the table feed is messed up. it's tough to turn manually laterally, and will not feed or turn cross-feed. I have the manual, and have the table off - gorgeous... every scrape mark is still on the X ways... the top has had the water tray fitted since new and part from paths of slight surface rust is pristine.

    I need to get down into the feed gears.

    The manual say to wind the table in so it exposes a slot to loosen the pinion nut, but.. I can't move the table in or out. Turning the main feed wheel will with difficulty move the table left or right until it gets very tight, then actually lifts the table off the Y axis for a "bump". The cross feeds handle feels like it's not connected in manual mode, and very stiff to turn left or right in power feed mode (but doesn't actually move the table). It does not seem to be possible to disconnect the pinion feed from the cross feed and running it with power feed results in a violent bump/jump of the table.

    Any ideas? I don't want to "brute force" it unless it's the only option...