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Dro Scales For 8x14

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  • Dro Scales For 8x14

    Hey, im looking for some scales for my 8x first what size do i need, and how easy is it to install, thanks.

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    Here's one I found for a 9x20.
    I know I saw one for an 8X14, and could have sworn I copied the pages, but I can't find either now... Geezeritis, I guess...


    • #3 has readout heads similar to the Shumatech (which is a
      DIY kit) and affiliated scales in various sizes. Looks like the scale is about
      5" longer than the readout distance. You would determine your readout distance and then eyeball the length you have to attach to. Cast iron is easy
      to drill and tap but the devil is in the details. Leveling the mount parallel to direction of travel and chip/coolant/machine movement protection must all be considered. Helps if your machine is not flush against the wall like the machine in the initial response as the bed scale is usually mounted on the back of the bed.