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  • bung?

    thats what i would call it. have a friend who makes syrup and last night he had a branch fall and break the outlet off his sap holding tank. it was a cold night and sap was running fast. he jacked up the end of the tank and called me to see if i could fix it. cant weld plastic so i made a bung. just had to go fast before the tank filled up to the hole. was an easy job except the 3/4 pipe tap in stainless.

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    That's sweet!!

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      Does the friend at least pay in syrup? Yummy!



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        Does the friend at least pay in syrup? Yummy!

        thats funny because my family has always made pure syrup and i have never liked it. worked on a friend of my brothers tractor a few years back and he thought he was doing me this huge favor by paying me in pure syrup. i gave it away.


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          I'm not a big fan of pure maple syrup either. I grew up on Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Buttersworth.

          Nice job! How'd the O-ring groove go? Those can be a PITA in SS, based on my expierences.


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            You can weld plastic.

            Find out the material, get the proper filler and a heat-gun. I do it all the time. Repair of HDPE tanks for farmers brings me a fistfull of spending money. Never had a weld bust either.

            They even make special plastic-welding outfits with auto-material feed and everything.

            The key is matching the material. You cannot weld HDPE with PVC or Polycarb with Delrin... gotta be as close to exact as you can get.
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              Originally posted by Roy Andrews
              thats what i would call it.
              to me thats a Bulkhead fitting

              A bung is

              • bribe or tip
              • the large intestine of an animal used for large sausages
              • an unthreaded stopper or lid for a container.
              • The closure for the bilge drain holes of a dinghy


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                Don't forget this bung.
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                  I'd be happy to be paid in pur Maple Syrup at least some of the time, can't stand the "Flavoured" syrups.
                  But it's all about what you fancy, if we were all the same we'd all run 9" south bend lathes and bridgeport mills


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                    That's a nice fix and yes, it's hard to put a pipe thread in SS. It can make you grit your teeth and say strange words.
                    It's only ink and paper