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Benchmaster Milling machine manual

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  • Benchmaster Milling machine manual

    Need a manual for a Benchmaster Milling machine. Just go my hands on of these old girls.

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    Dunno about a full manual, but you can or could, get the parts manual off the site.

    Go to the archive, and look up Benchmaster.

    The proprieter also sells manuals, and might have it, although I understand he is "not cheap", and is in the UK as well..

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    Hashim Khan


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      Thanks for the information, right now I would settle for anyone who knows anything about them...


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        What do you need to know? The manual, if there is iny is not likely to be much more than the parts list pictured on Tony's site. They are a very simple machine.
        Jim H.


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          Don't forget there is a Yahoo Group for Benchmasters with plenty of info and downloads, including the manual. Sorry I don't have the URL handy but it should be easy to find with a search of "Benchmaster Mills"
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            Congrats on your new toy, can you post some pictures? I am in the middle of getting my new (only about 80 years old) Pratt and Whitney #3 cutting again and it is a lot of fun. Being able to pick up and move a milling machine by hand while I am working on it is a new experience for me.