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Looking for dry erase board...

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  • Looking for dry erase board...

    Looking to cover the top board of my drafting table on my desk with dry erase board (whiteboard)...its pretty big, 3x5 maybe...

    Anybody know of a source for just the board, maybe a substitute surface?? This is going to be for my kids use.


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    Home Depot and Lows both sell 4 by 8 sheets of particle board that have a white laminate on one side. Not as good as the old glass white boards, but they work pretty well. If you wax it with some turtle wax about once a month it will keep it from "staining".


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      Office supply stores (Office Depot, etc.) used to carry quite large whiteboards.


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        "Shower Tile Board"

        4 x 8 sheets run about $10 at home depot.


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          Home depot sells white board, it's maybe 3/16 thick and has a plain, smoothe white surface on one side, plain brown masonite on the other. They had it in 4x8 sheets for something like 10 bucks.

          I paneled part of my daughters' closet with tthe stuff and they draw all over it constantly, it erases just like the regular white board from staples/office depot etc


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            But make sure you get the "Erasible" grade of pens to go with it. Tony problem then is making sure they ONLY use the correct pens with it.

            Regards Ian.
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