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my leblond and heald/tree h-v mill

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  • my leblond and heald/tree h-v mill

    i am a daily lurker and sometime poster.i can't access photobucket from work so i can't see pics from or get to my pics on i am finally posting from home some pics of my machine's.don't hesitate to point out anything i need to know or have overlooked.sorry about the "where's waldo" background,but i figured most people would enjoy trying to identify things in the background anyway .thanks for lookin,

    leon holmes
    here is my mill it is a heald horizontal mill with a tree vertical attachment.i have the overarm and some mandrels(is that right?)but have never used the horizontal part, seems to run and work fine and i am trying to learn about it and run it and clean and adjust it as i go.if anyone knows anything about the horizontal or the vertical part i would like to know what you know about them.the vertical part uses an er type collet i believe i have a set of collets from 1/4 inch up to 3/4 inch.they seem to cover everything i need so far.

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    here is my leblond regal 17" swing and 40 some inches between center's i believe.i had the motor rebuilt after getting advice from folks on here and am very happy with the results.i have a kdk quickchange tool has most of the taper attachment,but i have not needed it so have not tried to sort it out.i am trying to clean and adjust this lathe as i use it.

    thanks for lookin,
    leeon holmes


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      Thanks for showing! Looks like 2 very fine pieces of equipment and lots of accessories. Keep the pictures coming. JIM