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Would you happen to have the HSM March/April 1999?

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  • Would you happen to have the HSM March/April 1999?

    Gents--I would like to make a tool post grinder and I have part one from the Jan/Feb '99 HSM Issue but don't have part two, which I assume would be in the next issue, which would be March/April '99. I have tried the back issues in the on-line store but unfortunately, they don't go that far back.

    Would there be any chance one of you fine fellows might happen to have that issue and could copy it for me?

    In advance, thanks.

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    I am sure that I have the issue of Home Shop Machinist that you are looking for. I will look for it this week and get back to you. --gary


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      Gary--that is great of you to do that, many thanks!


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        I have the article that you are interested in. It is 7 pages long. I can copy and mail to you if you want to PM me your snail mail address.