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    A friend gave me an Aloris toolpost holder. It is a bit banged up. the name plate says Aloris tool Post model looks like SX or 5X, under the mane plate in the body is 221. The holder has AXA2. I have only the one holder. It could take two. My question is: I assume this is a 2 series???? CDCO toolholders should fit? Buy depending on size of toolbit?? Thanks for any help in advance. Best to all Fred

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    If the AXA holder fits properly I suspect you have an AX toolpost, AX is piston, AXA is wedge for the holding mechanism, what is the swing of your lathe?

    AXA2 should be a straight or V facing and turning holder IIRC

    Many knockoff brands go 100 series AXA, 200 series BXA.........
    Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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      Hey thanks for the help. My lathe is a 9" swing the tool holder is indeed a piston.