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  • OT / Glass glue?

    Hi all,
    My wife broke one of her favorite glass jar lids, which is also glass. So now I am looking for the best way to repair it. Is there a glue for glass that actually works that you know of?
    Thanks, Jay
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    Wouldn't super glue work?
    Paul A.

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      loctite do one that sets on exposure to sunlight ( will not set behind glass window ) so you can set the parts up , say with your door shut then open the door , glue set ) BTW the glue is clear

      Its Called Glass Bond


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        Clear nail polish! It works fantastic. I have glued cracked aquariums, porcelain, china, glass. It always works as long as you can line the pieces up. A real life saver, readilly accessible and cheap. Fred


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          Glass Glue

          The professionals use a special made epoxy glue. You can find it at Talas Co.

          It's rather expensive but anything to keep the wife happy.


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            Rear view mirror adhesive. It requires ultra violet light to set up so do it on a sunny day and leave the part in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.
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              check out :


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                I'd look at what Loctite has to offer.
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                  Jay take a look at this web site, it has a glue for all things. It has a calculator thingy that allows you to enter what your gluing to what?
                  looks like the Locktite is the answer

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                    Originally posted by lugnut
                    Jay take a look at this web site, it has a glue for all things.
                    looks like the Locktite is the answer
                    Wow, neat site!

                    Thanks for finding it.

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