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Gantry crane VS Engine hoist

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  • Gantry crane VS Engine hoist

    It seems I always have the same issue regarding taking equipment off a trailer. How to get the items off. I have been thinking about building a gantry crane in my garage to help the process along. I have access to the
    I-beams (not free of course) to make the gantry crane. I'll have to buy the wheels and the hoist ect.


    Get a larger engine hoist something in the 4 to 5 ton range. Most of the engine hoist seem to be able to fold up making them a smaller. The cost of the large engine hoists are pretty high. Looking for some decision help. I know both have there pros and cons.

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    I built a gantry a couple of years ago and have not regretted it. So much more stable than the old engine hoist, and with the hydraulic rams, it will easily lift 5000 pounds. I actually just used it today to pull the table and knee off of a millrite to clean 20 years of grease out of it.


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      I have a Chinese engine crane and the biggest problem I have with it is the splayed legs, it won't go under anything and it won't go round anything either. A gantry crane gets round that problem, but as you say they are a space hog, unless you could adjust your shop layout to get round that. The ultimate solution is a bridge crane, that might be do-able if the I beam you have access to is fairly cheap. You also need enough head room to fit one in though.


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        I always have a balance problem trying to place things with a engine hoist, it is just made to go under things. I would definitely go for the gantry crane if you have the room. It's just a lot more versatile and robust.
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          Great design MickeyD.

          Does it come apart?


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            Well I have both and both have there place, for quick easy jobs I take the engine hoist for un/loading electric motors out of the truck as well as other items that lend themselves, they are somewhat portable also.......the gantry comes in very handy and MickeyD's design covers some of mines pitfalls with it's adustable height, I have a 5 ton chainfall on mine and it grows old pulling that chain all the time but a 5 ton electric can run quite a few $$$$$'s. I would definately snatch up that I beam and run a trolley of it....heres a link to building design and ratings.

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              The rams and trolley come right off of it, and then I can lift one end to get it in the barn or onto the trailer. It can be tipped over and the beam pulled out, but it is really unpleasant to stand back up after that. I have done it a couple of times, but no more. One nice thing with the rams is that I can use them to level the I-beam to make moving the trolley a lot more controllable, plus I can sling directly off of the I-beam and use the rams for lifting if I am short on clearance.


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                If you already have your garden variey engine hoist I would look at a gantry build, MickeyD's is an excellent canidate unless you can convince Mama for a tractor with FEL or forklift...........LOL
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                  I almost bought a 6K rough terrain forklift last year but it weighed in at around 11,000 pounds and meant I would have had to upgrade the truck and trailer too. Now, I could tow a 4000 pounder home, but I think I would get 4000 knuckle bumps from the wife when she sees it.


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                    It seems we all have the same type of wife issues, regarding things coming home. I like the Gantry Crane the most, I'm willing to give up the extra space in garage. The I-beams I spoke of were originally from a g-crane but much larger that I can put in my garage. So some refab work will need to be done on them. I have a habit of overkill regarding lifting equipment, but I sure would hate to have a failure. Is there a way to determine the max lifting weight of a gantry crane.


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                      Sure theres relatively simple engineering calculations but unless your going for a 20 tonner, that link shows the charts, ratings and materials and I'm betting getting sued ruins their week.........LOL

                      Heres another.

                      Tri-Adjustable Steel 8 and 10-Ton Gantry Cranes Wallace tri-adjustable steel 8 and 10-ton gantry cranes are ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and other material handling tasks. Because our cranes are so easily assembled, disassembled, and moved about, many customers use our cranes for HVAC, assembly, and repairs of physical equipment. Some of our
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                        Used to have access to the ultimate engine hoist, a Chaseside with a bucket having a hook welded to the lip and a block and tackle (Chain hoist) hooked on. You could even lift the car away from the engine.

                        Regards Ian.
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                          I've gotten by just fine with my engine lift. I've moved my lathe (sb9) and my mill (rung foo) along with a wood burning stove and a few others items. I'd much prefer to have a gantry setup for the reasons the others have noted. If I had larger lathe or mill mine wouldn't work out so well.
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                            I have three posts down through the middle of my shop (52') and excellent head room as in rafters, not truss's. So I use Jib cranes and find them very handy. The next one I build will be along these lines so it will get between my lineshaft belts.

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                              I always have a balance problem trying to place things with a engine hoist, it is just made to go under things.
                              I second this MAJOR limitation. I have also found the engine hoists are just too lacking in picking up large items far enough to load them into my truck.

                              When I need a real 'picker-upper', I trot down the street to my buddies house and get his forklift. What a great tool!!! With a little imagination, it's an incredibly versatile item.

                              If I didn't have a wife, I'd have a forklift......