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Something finished for a change - bandsaw

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  • Something finished for a change - bandsaw

    Seems like I'm always posting questions. I actually got something complete for a change. I've had this bandsaw sitting in the garage for almost a year now. The driven wheel is slightly out of alignment so the blade would spin off after about two revolutions. I didn't really want to deal with it but finally decided that something would have to be done one way or another. I put it back together and discovered that most of the problem was with the idler wheel tilt adjustment forced the idler wheel farther out rather than adjusting the tilt. With a combination of messing with the spacers on the idler wheel to bring it into plane with the driven wheel and a new tilt adjustment it seems to do just fine. I "aligned" the guides with the Mark III Calibrated Eyeball (expecting to do a better job after I verified that everything worked out ok) and this is what I ended up with:

    I made one cut, then turned the stock 180 degrees and made the second cut. The calipers says its withing .005" all the way around. Good enough for me!

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    Here's the new tilt adjustment:

    I could do somehthing a little classier but I think this really captures the essence of this fine piece of equipment


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      This has obviously been a problem since the thing was new as the guard had been cut almost in two by the blade half off the driven wheel. Here's a look at my welding (lack of) skill. Note especially how I turned a 5 minute welding project into two hours of grinding. Nothing like grinding to make you want to be a better welder!


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        Hey, it works and cuts straight. What else do ya need?? The rest is fluff.

        1973 SB 10K .
        BenchMaster mill.


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          Man looks like you have it dialed in now........great job, I think I'd just keep the washers er shims as is with those results.......LOL

          I second your welding surmise, tack something together in the wrong spot and they can be pesky strong, glue something together in the right spot and you have to hold your tongue just your defense thats some pretty thin stuff.........
          Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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            I have had problems with the blade comming off the power blade wheel despite dinking around the tilt adjustment and solved it with the addition of a 7-5/8" dia disc that fits over the wheel and keeps the blade from comming off. I had some 1/8" fiberglass filled plastic for the disc with an ID to fit the hub and a collar with 2 setscrews to hold it in place. A plywood might do the same thing.
            No welding or attaching things to the frame. Easy to take off when replacing the blade.