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    Good ol' un-Reliable Tools have struck again.

    I've been after a Volstro head for some time, I don't have CNC so this is *almost* the next best thing. Bid unsucessfully on a couple of auctions over the past 12 months, and then one came up with Reliable Tools. I'd heard a bit about their reputation, so I stuck a bid in with some small concern, but with the intention if successful that I'd pay via Paypal and with a credit card for a bit of extra protection. Turned out I was willing to pay a touch more than anyone else and I duly bought it.

    After 6 weeks of no communications from Reliable I eventually got a notification from the USPS that it was being shipped, and 8 days later it arrives in the UK. I picked up the parcel about 2 hours ago, got it back in the workshop and on the bench, unpacked it and had a good look. Externally OK but definitely used as you would expect, and then I tried spinning the R8 adaptor by hand, and got no corresponding movement on the collet at all.

    A quick examination revealed why:

    As you can see, there are no teeth at all on the bevel gear that drives the spline and from there the collet/spindle. That's because they are all here:

    You can also see the damage to the splined drive shaft. Obviously someone has had a major crash with it and hence stripped all the teeth with consequences as shown.

    Naturally I have filed a dispute with Paypal, and notified Reliable that I want a complete refund, as it's totally unusable and unfit for purpose. I'll give them a week to process the refund and then claim it back from the card company.

    What a total shower of $h1t they are.


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    Thats a sad state for a machine tool part. Its an even worse statement for the seller. Something so basic as "I better check to see if this turns before I sell it" should never have been skipped.

    I hope that they do the right thing for you Peter and cover all expenses.

    Good luck and let us know what they say.

    Also, I can check my dealers around here if you would like. I always enjoy an excuse to poke around the piles. Although I cant imagine what shipping would be to the UK on something that heavy. Will it fit in your luggage?

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      Reliable's standard operating proceedure is to intentionally not state the condition of the item. They clean it up externally, take a bunch of pictures, and the ad is listed as "condition as in photos."

      I bought a 4" Yuasa vise from them, and it was bright and shiny in the pictures (apparently they wire-brushed it), but the moving jaw was seized to the bed with rust, so much that someone a long time ago had cracked the needle thrust bearing trying to free it.

      Of course you can't tell that from the picture, so I reported it to Reliable, and their answer was "send it back and we'll refund the purchase price minus shipping." Uh, yeah.

      On the flip-side, that Talyvel I bought was from Reliable. Yes, it had the typical slew of 0-feedback and 100% Bid Activity with Reliable bidders, but I got it for a reasonable price, and it actually works.
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        Arrrgh...and you're in England. Shipping must have been awful. I live close to Reliable. I'm a busy person so I can't promise that I'd always be able to make it prior to auction close etc., but for a situation like this where there's a significant expense in shipping (and probably purchase) and an ocean of seperation I'd be willing to take a look at an item. I've stopped going to Reliable and haven't been there in years. It seems simply impossible to get a good deal there anymore.


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          They are a mover of surplus items. Auctions we cant get to or dont want to go to they do. So they buy hug lots of auctions. They dont go through the tools to see if they are in top shape. They just past it on as they got it. What a shame the tool it toast. And yer so far out, overseas. Sorry to hear it..... JR
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            No chance of replacing the two gears Peter??
            You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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              is this the one


              what's the head for is it used ..

              ps there is one on craigs list ..usa in similar condition for $500

              all the best.markj


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                Rock - I thought about that, but the excess baggage charge on top of the suitcase full of Butterfinger Bars I want to bring back may be a bit too much

                Circlip - I thought about that. It needs 2 bevel gears and the splined shaft, which is blind bored and then screwcut from about halfway down close up to the blind end. Never cut a bevel gear before, but I need to wait on a response from Reliable.

                Aboard Mark - no, it wasn't that particular one, but he did sell about 4 on the trot. In use it's bolted onto the quill of a Bridgeport with an integral R8 adaptor providing the drive. The lower part is a cross-slide which is attached onto a geared rotary drive, so you can use it to cut both radii and angles without changing the setup of the piece on the milling table.



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                  Wonder if the delayed shipping was intentional ..

                  Some correspondence with paypal i got ...the first few line do not cover your case though ..but the rest is valid ....may help you figure the time schedule

                  Dear Mark Jones,

                  Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to Thank you for contacting
                  PayPal in relation to the item that you have purchased online and you
                  haven’t received it yet.

                  You need to file a non-receipt case against the seller using the
                  instruction below:

                  Disputes for Non Receipt and Significantly Not As Described items must be
                  filed within 45 days of the initial payment.

                  In order to file a dispute for a transaction sent through PayPal please
                  follow these steps:

                  1. Go to the PayPal website and log in to your account.
                  2. Click 'Resolution Centre' at the top of your Account Overview page.
                  3. You will have the option of:
                  o Clicking the 'Dispute a Transaction' button, or
                  o Clicking the 'Report a Problem' tab and then clicking the
                  'Report a Problem' button.
                  4. Select 'Item dispute' and click 'Continue'.
                  5. Click the 'Find transaction ID' button to display your history.
                  o Change the dates in the drop-down to find the transaction and
                  click 'Search'.
                  o Click the transaction ID.
                  6. Click 'Continue' and follow the instructions.

                  Please do not mail or email your dispute, as it causes unnecessary delays.


                  * A buyer has 45 days after the date of the payment to open a dispute.
                  * A dispute can be escalated to a claim within 20 days from when the
                  dispute was filed.
                  * Buyers must wait at least 7 days from the date of payment to escalate
                  a dispute for an item not received, unless the dispute is for $2,500 USD or
                  the currency equivalent or more.
                  * If the dispute is not escalated to a claim within 20 days, we'll
                  close the dispute. A closed dispute cannot be reopened or escalated to a
                  PayPal claim.
                  * When the 20-day deadline is approaching, we will remind you by email
                  and in the 'Resolution Centre'.

                  If the dispute is escalated to a claim, PayPal will investigate your claim
                  and make the final decision. Recovery of the full transaction amount is not
                  guaranteed. PayPal will seek to resolve your complaint within 30 days from
                  the date your complaint is filed, however, more time may be needed.

                  To escalate your dispute to a PayPal claim, please follow the steps below:

                  1. Go to the PayPal website and log in to your account.
                  2. Click "Resolution Centre" at the top of the page.
                  3. Click 'View' under the Action column.
                  4. Select 'Open Cases' in the drop-down menu and select the dispute you
                  wish to escaowate.
                  5. In the 'Close or Escalate' box, select the radio button that will
                  escalate the dispute to a claim.
                  6. Click 'Continue' and follow the instructions.

                  Learn how the dispute process works; review the step-by-step tutorial in
                  the 'Resolution Centre'.

                  Please let me know if you need further assistance.

                  Thank you for your time.

                  Resolution Services Department
                  PayPal, an eBay Company

                  all the best.markj