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Well, I have a lathe again

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  • Well, I have a lathe again

    Finally got my lathe back together this week after over a year or more. Those home improvement projects have a way of taking over. First project of course is to make an adaptor for the tool post stud to fit my 100 series Phase II tool post. Material of choice is 4140 TG&P (I'll have to take it into work to cut the hex as I am without a mill as yet). As the lathe is a small bench model that was chosen for one reason that I can move it around disassembled unassited I was willing to have to put up with a certain number of limitations in terms of DOC and feed per rev. Well tonight I was pleasently surprised. DOC .050 on a side @ .005/rev @ 550RPM. I was using a TNFM 221 ER Grade VN8 Valenite insert. Chip formed nice 6s. Plus I was using the insert in a left hand Valenite PLANL holder. Not my favorite holder or insert geometry as I perfer CNMGs for most late work if I am using carbide. The lathe irself is a PM1027 Basically the same machine that oldtiffie and ClintonH have. I don't who sell the one tiffie has but Clint's is the Craftex 10x18. Diffinetly a step up from a 9x20. . Being a gear head it is a little noisy in low range. But a 550 RPM once under load it is suprisingly quiet.
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.

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    Good to hear you have it all back together making chips. Looks like the exact machine as mine just a way nicer colour from factory, mine came a crappy green had to paint it. Also made a lead screw cover and a back splash for it the other day out of stainless, and the handles are all being converted to brass. Are they that much better then the 9X20? I was looking at one the other day and thought it would be nice to have the T-slot cross slide to mount tools on but with out tool post layout I can't see how I'd convert it unless I made a new top slide as well.


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      I have that lathe too

      Well done SD - good restoration. Yes it is the same as my basic lathe. The only difference with mine is that I have the milling head - ie it is a 3-in-one. They are a quite capable lathe -mine is just as noisy as yours is too!!

      Clinton, your prayers may be answered as there is an accessory slotted table that fits onto the flat top on your cross-slide. I am pretty sure that some one said that they are available at BusyBee in Canada. B-B seems to have a good range of spares etc. It is the only source of spares for these lathes that I know of - so I will be going to B-B if I need any. I bought my lathe before I started with my present dealer as I make sure spares are available for every or most things I buy now!!

      Anyway - that slotted accessory table is under the stuff on my lathe in these pics. I can forward pics or details if you wish.

      Here is my milling attachment - which I haven't used in quite a while - since I bought my HF-45 but it is comforting/reassuring to know its there if needed. It's low speed is a bit too high but it is very solid and very accurate.


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        Thank's. I have a long laundry list of mods I would like to do to this lathe*. One is a Variable Speed Drive to solve the not low enough speed problem inherent to all of these small lathes. Then just use the gear train for High/Low Range. Probably the first is a bed stop. I'd really like to put some form of variable speed milling unit on the handwheel to power the feeds. That and a reversing system for the leadscrew so I can ditch the treading dial. Oh and a taper attachment, cathead steady, lever operated compound, new spindle w/internal 5C. But I don't want to seem ambitous

        * That was also part of the reason I picked this lathe. Face it most, small imported lathes are kits. All the basic parts are there. Just not fit together very well. Unless you spend the big bucks and get something like a Hardinge clone or one of the European models like an Emco 14. Because I don't have a QCGB on the leadscrew and a much simpler drive system compared to the 9x20s it will make the mods that much simpler.

        Clint, I also have a 9x20 that I really do not like to use. I bought it in a weak moment and also so I could do some of the mods I will need to do on the 1027. I also thought about a Lathemaster 9x30 instead of the 1027. It doesn't help if you need the lathe and it is in pieces. Plus when I sell it it will generate some extra cash back. The headstock on the 1027 is almost twice the length between the spindle bearings as the 9 inch machines plus the bearings are much larger. I have worked on industrial machinery all of my adult life, both repairing and machining. These machines even with their shortcoming (and they have them) are a lot nicer to run than the little 9x20s. I mean look at a 9x20 leadscrew, it looks like a piece of 5/8-16 threaded rod. Every time I look at mine I think about the guys doing some really nice work on this class of lathe and shake my head in admiration.
        Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.