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    gov. beef = venison. . . im becoming tempted. if it get to the point of being able to buy meat or pay for heat, or house paym,t. i'll be taking on a deer or two from the upstairs window. . . . my neighbors and the coyotes will be my worst competition.


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      I'll just go out the door an hit one on the head with my aluminum baseball bat. No need to waste ammunition. The damn things are a plague around here. Trouble is this winter will be thinning the herd. Right now is the dying time for them. The old feed is gone and nothing new is growing yet. They will be as skinny as a rake handle if they survived. We just found out that the biggest employer in this town won't be restarting their mills until next year at the soonest. That's 1200 direct jobs gone.
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        There actually IS rustling in MO, I've heard of it starting up in the SW part of the state...

        Thing of it is, for eating, a cow is too much meat at one time, and you have to move it. While there are rabbits and squirrels and so forth, that are a plague, and nobody will miss, why bother?
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          Originally posted by jkilroy
          A million acres and only 4000 head? Seems not cost effective.
          They do much better with their home country. With people.......not catttle........28 mil population in 800,000+ sq mi. About 33 people per sq mi. Not bad for mostly sand.............