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Speed, Feed Depth of cut

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  • Speed, Feed Depth of cut

    Somewhere in my foggy old brain I remember increase feed rate first, depth of cut second and speed last. Is my brain working or is it reversed? The formula not my brain.

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    I don't use an iron clad method like that but I just go with a gut feeling depending on the material and what your trying to achieve.

    With hard material you don't want to increase the speed to much and more DOC may be the first try. Then feed rate.

    Hot roll and cold roll I set the rpm and then experiment with DOC and feed.

    It really depends on what is happening and what your trying to get.
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      Thanks, that is pretty much the way I do it. I had a lot of crs to hog out today and decided to keep the speed constant and work w/ doc & feed rate.


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        Many times you can improve you finish cut by uping the rpm and maybe slowing the feed and a very small radius on the cutter tip. I usually end up with a file and/or emery cloth to get the finish I want.
        It's only ink and paper


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          RPM Calculation

          The formula is...........

          (4) X (Cutting Speed) divided by the Diameter of the work.

          Cutting Speeds as follow...

          Aluminum 200
          Mild Steel 100
          Tool Steel 50

          These are High Speed Steel Tooling numbers. If using Carbide multiply by 3.

          Mill or Lathe or whatever. Softer = Deeper ,and Harder = Shallower. Bigger = Slower, and Smaller = Faster.