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Starrett Bench Vise - Need Jaws

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  • Starrett Bench Vise - Need Jaws

    I was at an auction last week and purchased an old Starret 925 Bench vise. This thing was a monster but it appears it didn't have vise jaws. Well after looking on the internet, I guess my only choice is to machine some. Can anyone recommend what type of steel to use of these? Do they need to be hardened? Other than a few nicks since it was being used for a vise without th jaws seem to be in perfect shape - just rusty. Total cost at the auction was $10.00. Jaws width 5" and opens to 8".


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    My Wilton is currently sporting a set of well worn brass jaws. I've also made them in Aluminum, LC Steel, and some pre-hard MC "tool steel". I've also got some rubber lined and leather line jaws for soft stuff. Just depends on what you want to do with them.

    For the most part, mild steel works fine unless you beat on it or routinely clamp very hard stuff with very high localized surface pressures (sharp corners). And even then, though it won't last as long, it grips MUCH better with less pressure and is less likely to chip either the jaws or part. I've got 4 bench vises set up at the moment. Only one has (exposed) hardened jaws, and it sees the least use.
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      I wouldn't be surprised if you could get some from Starrett, although the price might be kind of high.
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        on my big vice where i brutalize things i made the jaws from O1 and hardened them in the high 50's. they have a very aggressive pattern machined into the front and will mar anything. but they never let go and haven't broken like the originals.


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          I'd go with mild steel. They will last decades, especially with an 'owner driver'
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            Vise jaw material

            I'd go with mild steel (hot or cold rolled - doesn't matter) as they are easily replaced.

            A set or two made from aluminium and brass are good back-stops too. And if you have some (forget the name) fibre-reinforced laminated plastic/epoxy board - use that as its "tops".

            Same applies to machine or pedestal drill vices etc. as well.