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Bristol Tenthset innards

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  • Bristol Tenthset innards

    I've tried googling for a Bristol Erickson #50 Tenthset boring head parts diagram but without success, so I have questions for those familiar with the Tenthset.

    I was fairly certain the adjustment clamp had been interfered with, so I dismantled the boring head. Here it is minus the top, the adjusting ring and the circlip.

    The 2 pins in the closeup to my mind should be installed in their holes with a small spring underneath, with the flats uppermost to engage with the ends of the circlip.
    Is this right? The pins were actually other way up and no springs in sight.

    While I've got it like this, I reckon the boring head should slide up out of the body, but the 2 pins either side don't want to move. I would have thought the pins would readily slide up out of their holes but that is not the case. Any thoughts there?

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    Looks like the pins in the photo rotate.

    Regards Ian.
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