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    I need to press a bearings into the knuckles...on a Rover 420 ..same as Honda Civic.

    Something troubles me about the explanation of how to do it ...

    That is... that housing should be cleaned with high flash point solvent ...

    OK fine ...but then goes onto say press bearing home with the press ..

    My mind says housing should be lubricated with oil or something to help the bearing easily home ..

    no mention of oiling in the rover manual or the Honda one

    what are your views on this please..

    The bearing is angular contact double row ....about 3 inches wide ..two and a half inches deep.

    all the best.markj

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    I too would use an oil to lube the press fit. You need to press on the outer race too so you may have to make a pressing driver to fit.
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      the bearing is all as one seperate parts .

      like so .....ive made all the tooling

      all the best.markj


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        I have always pressed bearings in clean and dry.
        Make sure there are no burrs or flakes of rust etc. in the bore.
        If it slides in too easily it will slide out too easily. Remember it is an interference fit. If it is lined up and the bore is clean you won't have a problem pressing it home.
        If it makes you feel better you can put a little lube on it but it won't make much difference because there is no room in an interference fit for the lube. Remember the bearing housing is slightly larger than the bore. Where does the oil go?
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          Originally posted by Willy
          Remember the bearing housing is slightly larger than the bore. Where does the oil go?
          :-) It goes in the "pores" of themetal. :-)
          Don't you listen to the comercials on TV?? :-)


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            I would go dry and heat and cool where applicable..........
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              Do them here by the wheelbarrow loads,they only ones I have ever lubed where those that came out hard.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                ok thanks guys

                it will be another week before i do the job

                seems that my parts supplier has his whole inventory of these bearings...but sent me supposedly the right ones in the right boxes.

                turned out they were the wrong bearings in the right box .

                and news today.. all his stock of these bearings is wrong..just going to have to his price is very keen ...£17,50 v £55 each.

                You know what...about 75 percent of transactions i do from afar...end up going t*ts up these days.

                All the best.markj