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Micro spindle: Next generation

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  • Micro spindle: Next generation

    This is my latest protoype. It's a microspindle for a plotter conversion. The motor is an incredibly powerful neo magnet motor from a CD ROM drive. It's a regular dc motor that is used as the servo motor for head positioning. I haven't yet tested this on the CNC mill but hand held it will drill a .032 hole in 1/16 FRP copper clad as fast as you can apply it to the surface.

    It is basically a disposable design and only takes maybe 20 minutes to make. The tool is held in place by a crimp in the outer tube which runs in a single micro ball bearing. The outer housing is a brass PEX adapter fitting turned down to eliminate the large flange and bored on the big end to hold the motor. The brass tube that holds the tool is telescoped with two smaller bits 1/4 inch long to fit the motor shaft on which it is pressed with another crimp in the tube. The crimps in the tube are made by rolling the tubing under the blade of a pocket knife.

    Total cost to make is maybe 2 or 3 bucks not including the bit or the motor. The motors are found in nearly all brands of dead CD ROM drives. It turns at around 18,000 rpm on 12 volts and about 8000 on five volts.

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