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Look what followed me home today ?

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  • Look what followed me home today ?

    Nearly brand new Conect CNC lathe and CNC mill.

    Came out of a school in Ireland and shipped over courtesy of the British Army to a barracks near me [ don't tell the Army as they don't know <g> ]

    The lathe is based on a Myford ML10 and is all complete, manuals software etc.

    The mill is based on a Rishton,
    Rishton Milling Machines and Milling Attachments - pictures and descriptions

    They look to only have done the original setup pieces when installed.

    Software is very dated but at least it runs on a PC and not a BBC computer like the early models.

    Now to try to find some floor space.............


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    John those are cool, I think "floor space" could be gained if You stack them on a set of sturdy shelfs. Just how big are they? Looks like a couple hundred pounds each, or are the pics deceiving?



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      This looks like one of those "I know's a guy, who know's a guy, who know's a guy" kinda deals.

      Your e-mail isn't going to change to

      John [email protected]

      is it.

      P.S. don't hit on the link it maybe real!!!!!!!
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        If you ship them to me I can free up some floor space and store them long term for you.



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          Originally posted by John Stevenson
          The mill is based on a Rishton,

          The little Rishton mill looks like a Prazi/Emco:

          Milling Machines - pictures and description
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