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    Such a nice model deserves a better photo. You've blown the highlights.
    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona


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      Originally posted by topgun
      Nice, My next engine has to be a Stirling. I want to get that down. And dont use any prints too just go for it. One that will run on a bowl of ice or run on a cup of hot coffee.


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        Hi Topgun, good work on that it the ''Coles'' one...I am working on the ''Fleet'' corliss model by ''Thorpe'' currently on hold while I am getting a new mill...Love the ''Airframe''quality c/k screws for top of cylinder.
        All the best for now,


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          You look to have made a super job of the machining and general finish, and I hope you wont take this the wrong way.

          Those countersunk screws need getting rid of or disguising in some way, they would never be like that on a full size engine, and to me personally they look horrible.

          That looks like its going to be a super model, how big is it as its difficult to tell in the photo.

          As I said dont take my comment the wrong way its meant to be a constructive criticism not just a put down.



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            Is this better?

            Fixed attachment.
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              Might be


              it might be clearer if I could open or see the image you posted.


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                ...what pgp001 said. You've done a super job on the machining, but the fasteners (phillips and socket-head screws) detract greatly. I know scale fasteners are tedious and boring to do (I'm trying to get up sufficient motivation to deal with a bunch of them on my current project), but getting them correct makes a huge difference. Also consider where the prototype would have used studs and nuts vs. bolts.

                Again, please don't take this as a put-down of the huge amount of work you've obviously put into it, but as a way to make it even better.
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                  Here is a photo I took of a superb model of a mill engine at an exhibition.
                  The points being made about about suitable fasteners can be seen on this one to great effect.

                  We have an appropriate saying over here which is "The Devil Is In The Detail"

                  Hope it inspires you, it certainly impressed me.



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                    thats a big and challenging project, looks good


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                      Damn fine looking machine IMO. Lots of little things to make, and make well. Balls, cones, levers etc.

                      Thanks for posting it !

                      Congrats !