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  • Better try it up here

    Does anyone here have any experience with or technical savvy of the Yahoo group Electronic Lead Screw?

    The result of their efforts is being marketed and I'm wondering how well it functions.

    their link might help
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    So long as the spindle position and speed is known there's no reason the lead screw can't be independently controlled. It takes fast electronics and computation to guarantee the position/speed relationship. I wonder if it has position sensing or if it depends entirely on counting index points. If the latter then there's the possibility for index creep.


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      I have followed the Yahoo group for several months with interest. It looks to be an interesting concept for those that want more control than change gears yet don't have the desire for a full CNC lathe. It's on my list of projects to likely try later in the year.

      If you give it a try, please post your results.


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        they use electronics all the time to control the registration on high speed printing presses, so I think a lathe is totally feasible.


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          I'm getting a lathe with no QC gearbox or change gears.. and this is certainly a lot cheaper then even the change gears.

          Anyone know it it can also be used just for power feed (IE., not just threading)?


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            All those readily available Hardinge chucker lathes may come in to their own.......


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              or you can just buy the new hardinge Electronic screw system...