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  • Beaver Milling Machine

    Hi everyone, My name is Bill and I am from Rome GA.. I am new to this forum. I have an older Beaver Mill that was given to me. The old mill was working when it was replaced about 10 years ago with a newer mill. It has been sitting outside under a shed since then but the old rust monster has left evidence all over this machine. Anyone have experience with one of these machines or know where to get parts for it. I have the head off of it right now and have to get it freed up and moving again. It doesnt have an R-8 spindle I think its a CAT-40 or CAT-50 spindle. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Beaver Mill

    Welcome to the board.
    I know nothing about your Beaver Mill.

    I do have two machines that use NMTB 50 Taper tooling, that includes CAT 50.

    Ask away.



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      Can i buy an affordable tool holder that has interchangable collets for differ ent size end mills. I also need a fly cutter about 2" with 4 inserts, a jacobs chuck and a boring head. I preffer to buy imports because I cant afford the real good ones.


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        According to this site:

        -- spindles on these mills were 30Int or 40Int. Don't know the machine myself so can't comment on parts availability but an e-mail to the owner of the site may provide a lead.



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          A search of this forum will turn up a lot of info on these machines.They have been discussed many times.