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what is this used for ?

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  • what is this used for ?

    without posting a picture i will try to describe and maybe someone will be in the know. . .

    its called a GLENCO floating holder. mfg. by j.c.glenzer in detroit. it sez 613-s on the top of the input shaft that would go into a mill or something and its input shaft is 1" diameter with a flat spot on the side of it.

    the output is about 3/16", using a split collet with a setscrew to hold the 3/16" thing (whatever would be put into the collet). there is a rod in it now thats just there, loose.

    hummmm ! enuf information without trying to take a pix of the dang thing ?
    it came with my craftsman / atlas but im certain its not part of it.

    davidh (the old guy)

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    Just from hat discription it could be anything, but I'm going to guess a floating drill holder that uses collets instead of bushings. Something for a turret lathe or screw machine. certainly something you can use if it fits your machine.
    Are there two small bolts opposite each other on kind of an oval flange?


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      no opposing bolts. it does have a large collar that has three woodruff key looking cuts for use with a spanner, just below the input shaft. . . and it opens up for some reason. i have not opened it but just a bit and see a bunch of small parts in it. . . . hate to have them all go "boing " and loose them. maybe a pix would be better. i will try. . . . .


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        It sounds like a Glenco floating holder to me. They are used in turret lathes and such to hold reamers, taps & such. A slight amount of float compensates for misalignment.

        here is one variation of it;
        Jim H.