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  • O T Ebay questions

    For all of You that sell on Ebay.
    I'm thinking of listing some tools and "stuff" on Ebay, and was looking for some newbe advice. Also I was wondering how much of a hassle it is ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Not a real hassle at all. Just take good photos and honest description. Be fair with your shipping cost. Pricing it can be the fun part... I've listed thing starting at .99 and it sat like that till the last minute then sold for a good price... but that can be never racking. Most the time I'll but things up at a set price with a BIN. or a set and let it run for a week if it goes higher so much the better. Set up a paypal account to collect your money. Make your listing so it end at around 10 pm or so that way you get both coast. Good Luck
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      Selling on E-bay can end up being expensive. Between the ebay fees and Paypal fees it ends up taking a big chunk. I'd try craigslist first and if it doesn't work then you can always go the ebay route.


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        If it is only going to be one or two items, Craigs List is not a bad idea. I have also had success selling a few items on the PM site.

        Tinker's advice is right on. eBay will sell anything for you eventually. Take a look at the pricing schedule and add 3% for PayPal to get an idea of the cost. It takes a bit to get started, posting pictures was the biggest pain for me, but you can use a hosting service to get started. I use Turbo Lister, it is free from eBay, but you need, I think, 10 feedbacks before you can quakify for it.

        You have to jump through a few hoops to get started, but if you intend to be selling a few things on an on-going basis, eBay is still probably the best choice.
        Jim H.


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          It is almost impossible to deal with Ebay unless you also use Paypal .I stiil have problems with Paypal sending money to an old email address that they can't seem to correct despite double checking that my profile is correctly entered on both Ebay and Paypal.My current problem has been going on for 3 weeks and still not solved.Ebay blames Paypal and vice versa-Had no problems with paying by M.O etc before,but now do have.


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            I sell things on CraigsList if there is enough local market for that item to get a decent price, otherwise it goes on eBay. Not a hassle at all. As mentioned make sure you have a good, complete, honest description. Example - when a seller doesn't mention the condition of the item I take that to mean it's broken. Post some good photos as folks like me will NEVER bid on an item without pictures or with the catalog photo off the manufacturer's web site (unless it's a retailer).

            Before I list an item I do a search on Completed Items (under Advanced Search) to get an idea of market value and use that to set my opening bid. You can save on listing fees by listing an item for .99 cents but if your $200 item sells for .99 cents you better be prepared to be a man and honor your contract to sell it for .99 cents. I always list for what I want for the item.

            A rule of thumb for eBayers is not to bid on things from low feedback sellers. Unless you have good feedback as a buyer you probably want to sell your least expensive items first to establish that you can be trusted.

            Good luck.


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              A big thanks to all of You that have responded to My questions so far.

              My concern with C L is the same as puting an add in the paper, or having a garage sale...You never know what type of people are going to show up. Call it what You may, but after being burglered once and an attempted break in onse I'm a little gun shy of having strangers come over to case the place er I mean look at what I have for sale.

              I was thinking about some "Buy it now" listings.

              I am confident that My "Feedback" score is Great as a Buyer but Does that cary over to a Seller's score or do I have to start over with that ?



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                Your buying feedback score will carry over.
                THANX RICH

                People say I'm getting crankier as I get older. That's not it. I just find I enjoy annoying people a lot more now. Especially younger people!!!
                People say I'm getting crankier as I get older. That's not it. I just find I enjoy annoying people a lot more now. Especially younger people!!!


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                  Be sure to build the fees into your item if you can. I sell a lot of stuff on eBay and spend 20% of my take on fees to them and PayPal.

                  Otherwise FeeBay items do end up selling. It just might take some time to actually sell it.

                  What I find works best for me is to list it with a 'buy-it-now' fixed price for 30 days. No endless relisting to hassle with.

                  I also have to agree.. I don't much like the idea of J. Random Human wandering to my home.
                  Mike N

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                    The other thing to remember is that you never know what an item may be worth to different people, or in different parts of the country. I've almost listed a few things on CL, at what I thought was a fair price, but the items sold on eBay for 3x that! BTW, I've also noticed you get way more bidders if you don't have a reserve or minimum bid. Sometimes it just takes big cajhones


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                      When I put items on Ebay it's because I want them gone. I never use a reserve, and start most auctions at $1.00. Worked well for me so far.



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                        I have bought a lot of items at a super market, from craigs list because the seller did not want strangers around. I have also backed out under the same circumstances because the seller did not seem straight. If you are just selling a few things meet with the buyer in an open place somewhere.

                        "Just build it and be done"


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                          I've sold items on both eBay and CraigsList.

                          Where to sell depends somewhat on what the item is and where you are located. If it's a common item and you feel there's a large enough population nearby that might be interested, try C/L 1st. It's a lot less expensive (little or no fees) and you don't have to deal with shipping if you so choose. But as mentioned, you run the risk of flakes coming over to look at said item, them now knowing where you live, lots of types of scammers, etc. I get tired of phone calls trying to lowball you without even looking at the item. You can get a general feel for those who are serious after a while. I don't give out my home address unless I know a potential buyer is on their way over. Eliminates problems of flaky buyers having your home address and never showing up. Be wary of the email scammers who promise the world, their riches, sad sack stories, etc. I always specify cash only and local pick up in person. Though I've bent the local pickup rule a few times since I felt the person was on the level and it worked out ok.

                          If you're selling a more obscure item, then eBay is the way to go. Your buying audience is now the whole U.S. or the world is you so choose. Less hassle with scammers. But now you have to deal with eBay's policies, PayPal, and the various $0.05 & $0.10 fees that'll bite you in the butt.

                          With all the eBay policy changes (hurting the small and occasional sellers) and higher fees then in years past, more & more sellers are and have been fleeing eBay and going to the smaller auction sites and especially C/L.

                          Good Luck !