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Question: How much does your Home Shop weigh?

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  • Question: How much does your Home Shop weigh?

    Along with the excellent question "Question: How much money invested in your Home Shop?" the next question should be...How much does your Home Shop weigh?..since if you have to move every ounce will need to be transported and that transportation will cost money.

    Add up how much your shop weighs..I think you will be surprised.

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    Exactly - last time we moved house I hired a 20' truck and did the job with a couple of mates. The house contents took 1 van load and a couple of 8' x 5' trailer loads. The workshop tools and machines took the best part of 2 truck loads and my steel stocks made another 2 truck loads - and I've bought more stuff since then.

    "She Who Must Be Obeyed" and I have agreed that the next move out will be in pine boxes and the kids can work out how to shift the workshop stuff themselves.


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      "She Who Must Be Obeyed" and I have agreed that the next move out will be in pine boxes and the kids can work out how to shift the workshop stuff themselves.
      Yep, that's our plan too. I will probably kick first and when I do the kids get to fight it out. My son in law really wants the CNC and the lathe, not sure what my son would like. The deal is that to get the good stuff they also have to clean out all my packrat stash.

      How much does it all weigh? Low limit must be at least 5 tons
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        Around 13.5 tons of bare machines, not including the 1.5 ton mill which is out of the door looking for a new home.
        When scrap was at its peak last year, the scrap price wouldn't have been a mile short of what I paid.



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          Weight? Good question... My machines aren't all that heavy, being mostly smaller home-shop type stuff. The big mill's a ton (according to the bill of lading, actually 2,012lb) and the horizontal's just under 1,200lb:

          I'm guessing the Logan is around 800 lb, and the Sheldon probably not much more than 1,000. The big shaper, once it's put back together, will probably be an easy ton. The brake lathe is 300+ lb, and the Wells saw is probably 500 with the homebrew roller base....

          Machines only? Probably less than 12,000lb at a rough estimate. Tooling? At least 1,500 lb, probably closer to 3,000lb. That big batch of horizontal cutters alone was nearly 600lb. I've probably got well over 100lb in just drill bits.

          Hand tools? Very rough guess, another 2,000 to 3,000 lb. I know I have some 300lb in just sockets, and about 200lb in just hammers- including the blacksmithing and bodymans' stuff.

          Power tools? (Circular saw, sawzall, etc.) at least another ton. I've got three old all-aluminum wormdrive Skils, half a dozen drills, a few cordless tools, a big armload of pneumatic tools...

          Then there's the welders (two MIGs, one TIG, two stick, one gas torch) and the woodworking stuff (12" tablesaw, old bandsaw, etc.) and the big compressor, plus general bits like battery chargers, the parts washer, floor jacks, etc.

          So just tools? 25,000 pounds, maybe. Give or take 20%.

          Now, material? I'd wager I have... between five and ten tons of just scrap, stock and raw material. And I've actually been paring that down some the last few years...

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            at LEAST 22,000# and that doesn't include tooling and various other odd items like antique bandsaws or woodworking tools. that would add at least another 6,000#. then again, i have two 5,200# 1928 John Deere D tractors laying around, a 8,000# Oliver OC-46 crawler, and various other smaller antique farm tractors, garden tractors, small engines, etc. i am doing my part to be sure PA stays firmly attached to the planet.

            andy b.
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              WAY TOO MUCH!

              Just in the middle of a move and now wish I had remained a micro-machinist. Hoping that this feeling will go away once set up in the new workshop.

              The machines are one thing but it is the accesssories that add up big time.



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                Hmm. About 46,000 pounds or so. Does that include the stocked materials? Maybe add another 2500. And a couple ton of stuff too good to toss. 12 pounds for the cat


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                  I have moved several times.The last one was a move from California to Texas. I found after some research that the moving van was the cheapest for the big machines along with the household goods. I just put them on pallets and rented a fork lift to load and unload the van. For small tools, material and misc. crap, I rented Uhaul trailers. The move went pretty well. My big old tool chest got dropped and the insurance got me a much nicer new one. I never owned a new tool chest before 8^)

                  Moving is a PITA but with some fore thought it can be accomplished at a reasonable price. I too am hoping for the pine box next move.
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                    Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools

                    Add up how much your shop weighs..I think you will be surprised.

                    Your're right, I am supprised. I'm over 25000#



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                      My best guess is 22K pounds.


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                        My crucial issue is related to the total weight, its the loading per square metre.... I couldnt go for really heavy mill because The shop is mounted on concrete beams over a disused but full Swimming pool
                        I dont think I'm over 2000kg yet. But thats just whats in the shop - not the stock not the compressor not the hand tools, not the electric tools, not garage tools ...
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                          Well we just moved about 100 miles 2 years ago. The SWMBO and I moved all of it using one of those JLG lift trailers. We kept track of weights and estimated it out at 28K pounds. That included all the shop tools, material, woodshop tools, benches everything. It took us three months. It has taken me almost 2 years to get everything up and running I still have the surface grinder,shaper, and horizontal mill to get going.

                          My daugther helped put a bench top on one day and I said I was sure glad I was never going to move this stuff again - it was all hers and her husbands. You should have seen the look on her face as she looked around it was priceless. I then showed her were the auctioneers card was, told her just call and collect a check.



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                            Maybe two tons, I have all CLARK and Sherline stuff... nothing "serious" as of yet.
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                              I am a lightweight

                              Thank you for the topic. I am going to print this whole thread and share with the "better half". I am a relative lightweight as I can barely break 10,000 pounds even if I include the cat.