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Looking for ideas about vise stands...

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  • Looking for ideas about vise stands...

    I just picked up a new vise..

    And was wondering where you all put your vise? Bench? Independant stand?

    I am seriously considering putting it on a stand that is on a tire rim. I feel that it would allow me to move it here, there and out of the way..But would like pics for ideas... I didnt find anything with pictures in a search...

    Any recommendations for putting it on a bench??

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    Depends on what you do with it.

    If it's basically just a "third hand" for things like light filing or holding parts, then a portable stand will be fine. I used to have my bench grinders on pipe-and-old-car-rim stands, but I eventually made better ones.

    On the other hand, if you'll be using the vise for more heavy work, like hacksawing, bending heavy stock, breaking bolts loose, or whatever, then you'll want it bolted down as firmly as possible.

    Personally, all my vises are bolted to either workbenches or the big, heavy welding table. I have a mount outside so that I can bolt a heavy vise to a post buried in concrete out front. (I don't leave it outside, else it'd rust.)

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      I have a 6 inch vice mounted to a 2 inch square tube so that it will mount in the receiver hitch on the back of my service van. I am going to mount other receiver hitch type square tubing to a post to fit into my hardy type of square hole imbedded in my slab. It is nice to have a moveable vice.


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        I have a big spinning vice on my bench, and a small one (3" or so) on a 3" steel square post, which sits on three rubber Bradley Fighting Vehicle tread inserts . I like the idea of a vice that mounts on my truck... that's on the to-do list now.

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          Originally posted by knedvecki
          I have a 6 inch vice mounted to a 2 inch square tube so that it will mount in the receiver hitch on the back of my service van.
          I have the same thing, and I just picked up a brake drum from the highway dept trash heap to use as a base for another stand.

          For a point of reference, that's a GM 14B drum on the right...



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            I mounted a vice on a piece of 4" diameter fire main pipe which in turn was welded to a truck rim. Both the pipe and tyre rim were then filled with concrete. I can roll the thing to where I need it and once in place it stays put for most work.

            Also have a vice welded to the drawbar of my trailer for use at the race-track.

            Main 6" vice is bolted to a heavy steel bench which is then bolted to the floor of my workshop.


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              Yup. I like a honkin' 4" pipe post into a truck brake drum with an extra hole for a hold down bolt. That way it can be protable and movable for light work but when you havre to use muscle on it you can bolt it into a femal concrete anchoe - say about 3/4" - and snug it up to teh concrete. Best of both worlds without committing permanant floor space for the visse.


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                Originally posted by Forrest Addy
                but when you havre to use muscle on it you can bolt it into a femal concrete anchor




                I will definitely be remembering this idea.



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                  I have access to the same rim that murph showed.. its a brake drum off a semi... weights at least 50lbs..... likely fact I was told to take it but it was so heavy i didnt want to mess with it unless I was sure its what I wanted...

                  I see the idea about having it secured well as I can see me hack sawing on it and the like... but then I would have to mount my bench to the floor too as its a wood bench without much heft.

                  I too like Forrest's idea of being able to anchor a rim to the floor...


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                    I have mine mounted on the corner of my bench. Before mounting it, I clamped a long bar in it vertically to make sure the work woudn't hit the corner of the vice when I wanted to swing it. This is a heavy duty vice used for both heavy duty work and light duty work.

                    I also have a much smaller vice mounted on solid lead 9" x 9" X 2" and it's great for moving around the shop. I don't think I'd like one on a tire rim as my shop floor would always have it wobbleing and I sure and the hell wouldn't want to tip it over.

                    My big vice allows me to mount a 1/2" 4 x 5" plate in it for a high work surface. It's worked out well for me.
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                      The stand issue has been a problem here too. I have a fairly large Reed vise (20" or so long), and haven't been able to use it because I don't have a stand...

                      Seems like the stand should weigh more than the vise... quite a bit more if it's on a pipe, since the work weighs something too, and sawing applies forces sideways.

                      I don't think the brake drum stand will cut it for this, and I don't want the vise taking up that much of the workbench. it's a problem I haven't solved yet, because bolting to the floor isn't practical. I'd need to move it sometime.
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                        Originally posted by J Tiers
                        bolting to the floor isn't practical. I'd need to move it sometime.
                        What about a threaded insert or two in the floor, and use some allthread to hold the drum down when you need it solidly mounted?



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                          Hi whatever you decide the vice is a beauty well done.kindest regards Alistair
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                            Here is my vise mounting solution:


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                              J Tiers...

                              You could bolt the vise stand to the floor when you need it to be rock solid in a convient out of the way spot...I would think 2 small wedge anchors would do the job. Weld tabs to the drum...

                              I dont know how heavy the drum is, but I would say considerdably more than my 50lb vise.. add in a steel pipe, steel plate to mount the vise to and maybe a steel plate on the drum so you can weld the pipe to it and I bet the weight of the stand will get well over 100lbs, maybe 150lbs depending on size of plate and pipe...add in the vise and your approaching 200 pounds..