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    Gingery provides a design for a simple tool to adjust a between centers boring bar.

    Picture here should make the description understandable:

    It is a little J shape strap that wraps around the boring bar and clamps the jig to the bar using a bolt; a second bolt is used to set the bit. Move the bolt against the cutter, back off by the incremental depth of cut (judged using a gap gauge), lock the bolt with the nut. Then loosen the cutter and advance it until it hits the end of the adjusting bolt. This works surprisingly well considering the simplicity and cost of the adjusting jig.

    Location: Newtown, CT USA


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      JCHannum, thanks for the good advice. I got that plate done and the valve bored out:

      Worked like a charm; cleared out about .035 before everything was clean.

      Made the plate, boring bar, machinist's jacks, etc.... you can just see the tapered collar I used to align the cylinder before clamping next to the chuck.

      - Bart
      Bart Smaalders


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        Sometimes what seems to be the most complex solution is the simplest. Once the tooling has been made and the job accomplished, it is always available for the next time.

        Looks like a nicely done job and a good solid set up. I am interested in the engine, what is it powering? Please show us the completed project.
        Jim H.


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          Holy Smoke!

          I had acquired this gage in my roamings, and it works very well for setting the cutter protrusion. For one time use, a similar gage could be made by clamping a depth mic to a V-block.

          Jim...I just bought one of these gages this past weekend at the flea market in St. Pete. I didn't know exactly what it was for but I knew it was some sort of fixture for measuring depth on a cylindrical part. It came with the vee block micrometer, 3 question mark shaped clamps, and a nice wooden case to store them. The guy at the booth didn't have any idea what it was and I got the set for $5. I wish I coule get my photobucket account to work so I could show off a photo of it and some other treasure I acquired. My problem is I am on dial up and I have not gotten the upload to work. One of these days I will figure it out and be able to show and tell like everyone else.
          Jim (KB4IVH)

          Only fools abuse their tools.


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            I too have dial-up and use Photobucket. It is simple enough even for me to use.

            I acquired the gage with a bunch of stuff and didn't know what it had been made for until I made up the boring bar for that project and began to try to figure out how I was going to measure the cutter protrusion. It then took my rooting around in all the boxes of things I have that are too good to throw away, but of no known use to find it.
            Jim H.