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OT: paging Frank Ford

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  • Frank Ford
    Bill -

    Well, it's a little weenie, but then I guess some of the other puzzlers are, too. I sure wouldn't want to sabotage the Magliozzi brothers, so I'll have to beg off giving the answer for now.

    I had the extreme pleasure of hanging with Tom and Ray backstage at a convention of NPR program directors in San Francisco around 20 years ago. They performed with their band, the Mystic Valley Boys, going onstage right after Mike Marshall, if memory serves.

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  • Stu
    started a topic OT: paging Frank Ford

    OT: paging Frank Ford

    Hey Frank, today on NPR's CarTalk the author of the new Puzzler was a guitar shop owner by the name of Frank Ford. My Question is what were you and the customer smiling about?

    Bill S