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    I just purchased a Clausing Model 165C floor drill press, a No. 3 arbor press with stand, a Sears Craftsman Industrial Rated 3/4 HP grinder (397.196790) with stand, a No. 4 Burk milling machine with stand, a Delta Double Duty 14" Band saw and an Atlas 12 inch bench latch, model 3985 with table. All of this equipment is in pristine condition with many accessories. I paid 3K for all this equipment. With is deal I also got a truckload of other metal working items, calipers, gauges, etc. It will take me a month to go through everything. Did I get a good deal? Where can I find manuals for these items?

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    Whats a bench latch?


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      I wouldn't consider that a good deal.......I would say you stole it.......better keep the shades drawn for the next month as you go through the looty as the authorities will be lookin for you......good thing you didn't provide your location.........LOL
      Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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        Bill, a Bench latch is a newly acquired Bench Lathe. The one that keeps you latched to the shop till the wee hours, for the first few weeks or months of ownership... Spelling error or intentional pun, you decide.


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          Geez can you sleep after a crime like that? Seriously,thats a helluva a deal,and if it was all in easy driving range its unheard of. I've spent near that on ONE machine,by the time I bought,got it here,and then spent a month and who knows how much working on it . Congrats on your find,and if your guilt is to much to take, pm me and I'll get some of it out of your sight and into long term storage .....enjoy your new stuff.


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            wipe the drool guys, he was asking about manuals. . . .

            whoops, i didn;t get that one wiped fast enuf. . sorry about that.

            it seems to me that manuals are abundant on this site and others. i have none myself but i'll bet someone here will stepup to the plate.

            oh, and by the way, WELCOME to the best dang machining site on the web.


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              Thanks guys for all your positive comments. It took three pickups and a 5 ft by 10 ft tilt trailer to get it all. The distance wasn't too bad; 9 miles. I woke up at four this morning and started looking at all the items and still haven't finished going through all the boxes and totes. I found tachometers and measuring equipment that I had never heard of. I can't wait to fire up the latch (lathe) and milling machine and make some metal chips. First, I will have to re-arrange my shop to accomodate all this newly acquired equipment.

              I'll search around on the forum for some manuals and will probably ask dozens of questions about metal working. The machine shop course that I took at a local community college only taught me the basics. My main interest is gunsmithing since I am a shooter and reloader (1911 .45 and 9MM and .223) and I want to be able to do trigger jobs, dovetailing, checkering and threading barrels etc.

              Again, Thanks!!!!!