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  • Magnetism

    I was recently fixing a new magnetic catch to a kitchen cupboard. The business part of the catch is a small rectangular magnet with two steel plates - one on each side - loose but held by the magnet. Being a curious individual, I started to play around with it before I fixed it. I discovered that the two side plates were not magnetized at all - the magnet on its own was pretty weak - BUT the magnet with the two side plates attached was about five times as strong. What gives? How does that work?

    I thought Evan or someone else with Physics knowledge (I have none) might be able to explain what is going on.

    John Clements

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    It's a simple matter of directing the magnetic field by using the pole pieces as "magnetic conductors". Try placing the magnet and associated parts under a thin sheet of cardboard and sprinkle some steel grinder dust on top. it will disclose the shape of the field as the dust aligns with it. You will be able to see how the pole pieces concentrate the field.
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      And the "Amplifiers" are loose when the catch is fitted to allow for DIY genii not being able to mount it properly.

      Regards Ian.
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