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    ok i got the jack for free and it was missing the cup and then handle , and i had to weld the pump retainer clip on the pump shaft but all its working now, iam sure some will have some comments onthe welding but hey if i had a mig it would look alot nicer for sure, the hadle is made from some old bar bell weight bars the hollow ones with stainless steel incerts, welder good nice and strong i was amazed, the new foot i made not sure what its made of but the hotter it got when turnningit the harder it got so my circle idea was cancel on me as it jsut started eating my HSS cutters apart so still looks good and now i gota functional jack and it was free so i cant complain..i should also menton that i made the holder shaft for the foot out of an old car axel the hex shape was a bonus for being able to get a good solid weld and keep things straight.

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